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Wireless charger brand. 4 ranges of products. 8 SKU. Selling on international and offline channels.

Neurobranding Strategy

Our neurobranding document are confidential and are not disclosed in order to protect the interest of our customers. Contact us to know more about our neurobranding strategy and deliverable (Brand Paradigm Book, Neuro-strategy guidelines, Design & Sales Guidelines).


Brand name & Logo

This is the main challenge when it comes to designing your logo and finding the appropriate brand name. Our process consists of drafting different logos that match our global strategy (customer groups, brand heart...) and the design guidelines of your brand, using simultaneously creative, geometrics and subliminal (targeting subconscious memories) approaches to reach our goals. The final selection will be submitted randomly to our team members who are not directly involved in the project to analyze their intellectual responses and validate a single direction.

Visual Identity

Sight is usually the first sensory input to connect your customer with your brand. Having a clear understandable consistent and artistic visual identity is a key factor to skyrocked your brand. We assist you developing the following content for your VI: 1/ Corporate logo application 2/ Products and Goodies logo application 3/ Logo colours variations 4/Business card 5/ Presentation template 6/ Background 7/ Typography & hierarchy 8/ Iconography 9/ Forms and shapes 10/ Data format 11/ Themes and colors grading 12/ Website front end 13/ Video transition & elements.

5S Identity

If you cannot directly target the 4 others senses of your customers (e.g. if your business is only online), use your visual content to retrieve memories from their brains in order to recreate them in a virtual reality where they imagine listening, smelling and tasting something and receive the same level of satisfaction and emotion as in the real world. At KiBRAND we have developed neuro-techniques to transport your consumers into this kind of virtual reality while being connected with your brand content.


We know how to produce the pictures that will trigger conversion in your shops! Need more pictures? We provide unlimited customizations based on your requirements. Use the technique that suits you best: photo shootings, 2D or 3D renderings.


We design, produce, edit your videos & increase your retention rate and CTR by 3. Our Secret ? We combine neuro-science, art, passion and more than 20 years experience in video production. Work with us to create original and disruptive commercial film for your brand, product and company that your customers will never forget!


Your website needs to be different from your competitors, with a strong identity and a unique design, right ? Our professional HTML, CSS and JavaScript designers will make the website that makes people click and buy!

Catalogs & Brandbook

Based on your brand identity and specific requirements we create your ✔ BrandBook ✔ Product catalog ✔ Corporate presentation.


It’s now proven that a good packaging design can increase conversion by 20% in your retail shops and has a significant importance when it comes to people’s emotion when they receive their online orders. Their satisfaction starts from the packaging, We are very aware of this, for this reason we design the best for you while respecting international norms and optimizing the size of your packaging to save cost on your logistics.

Hyper Brand

What about delivering free goodies to your customers? There are many advantages: increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, increasing your global footprint and visibility, making people talk about you and attract organic traffic. Goodies are indeed a great free vehicle of advertising, and can even be sold as a licenced product once you reach the hyper brand recognition you are seeking.

3D Design

Why subcontract the design of your shop to a company that doesn’t really understand your brand identity? Our 3D designers will work closely with our branding team to make the shop that represents the value and lifestyle of your Brand and provide the appropriate user-experience.


Brand registration

The first critical step before selling the product is to properly register your brand. Leveraging our experience to register your brand internationally and avoid application mistakes.

Social media Campaign

Online Sales

Offline Sales