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    90% of the value we are paying for is emotion. Believe or not, this is how human brain is working, this what we have been designed for.
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KiBRAND is the first Neurobranding agency using a full stack “science to branding” approach (Neuro-science, system engineering, mathematics, design and behaviorism). Leverage on our multi-cultural teams based in GZ, HK, Paris and Moscow to brand or re-brand your products or services with content that converts. Our ultimate aim: to combine neuro-science and art to provide you the best branding solution, decrease your ads cost by 2, and maximize your audience emotions through amazing content :D


95% of our decisions are

“We are not thinking machines. We are feeling machines that think.”
Antonio Damasio - Neuroscientist. Author of Descartes’ error

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What is your singularity? Which story will you tell your customers in order to grasp their attention?
We help you create a brand that sells.


From your singularity, your budget and your company aims, we create your brand plan including your brand positioning, neuro-strategy and guidelines.


Logo, Brand name, Font, VI, 5SI, Narrative and storylines, Photography, Video production, Website and App, Newsletters and feed content, Packaging design, Goodies design, Booth and shop design: we do it all!


Leverage on our toolbox to launch your brand and get your first profitable sales and manage the life cycle and the extension of your brand.
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The Key of Your Brand

A team of scientists and designers of over 30 people around the world together to create your brand,
give emotion to people and profitability to your company!

Benjamin LE

CEO & Founder
Benjamin defines himself has a polymath, for more than 10 years he has been mastering skills in neuro-science, system engineering, branding, video production, and digital marketing strategies.


Film director
Jack has cumulated more than 15 years experiences in filming and post-production such as editing, sound designing, SFX and CGI.


Brand Director
"The greatness of art is not to find what is unique, but how to bring your unicity to people through emotion", Eva knows what art and design is all about and how to penetrate your consumer's brains.

May XU

Photography director
"You don't take a photo, you make it!" with more than 10 year experience in photography May has the ability to transform your product's representation to let them match your consumer's codes.

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Since 2012 we have completed more than 250 branding projects and thousands of logo.
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Our process

From singularity analysis to brand awareness we support you throughout
your branding journey


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June 25, 2018 Eva Zhang

Our Neurobranding Technology

Neuroscientists have proven 95% of our decisions are irrational and emotion based. People not see themselves as what they really are but as what they want to be. Understanding the limbic system inside the brain is the key to design your brand and ...
January 6, 2019 Tony Siu

Memory pathway and brand awareness

The five senses of a human body are constantly screening the environment and gathering an average of 11 millions bits of information every second (4.95GB by hour). Most of theses sensory memories will be throw away by the thalamus...
October 24, 2019 Benjamin Le

Brand essence

« Yi fen qian, yi fen huo » , si ce vieux dicton vous est familier , vous êtes surement un esprit sein et rationnel, soucieux de la valeur des choses et ayant tendance à voir les achats compulsifs de vos proches à des égarements puérils. Mais attendez une minute, ne vous ...
June 26, 2020 Benjamin Le

Beyond VI

The VI usually builds the first connection between your brand and your audience. However, sight is only one sense among others that can lead you to brand recognition, and furthermore it has the shortest lifetime in the sensory memory buffer ....


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