Beyond VI

Leverage on the 5 sensory inputs to reach your goals.


Try to look at this number above and remember it.
Difficult right ? Now try to read it louder 3 times, and remember it.

Yes, you got it!

Indeed, when you read something aloud, you are 5 times more likely to remember. This is not magic, this is simply due to your brain’s structure.
The VI usually builds the first connection between your brand and your audience. However, sight is only one sense among others that can lead you to brand recognition, and furthermore it has the shortest lifetime in the sensory memory buffer (0.5s). Stimulating the other senses of your audience with a 5SI approach (5 Senses Identity) is now proven to be the best pathway to brand awareness.

Virtual reality is as real as actual reality

Scientists have proven that our virtual reality experiences (e.g. looking at a beautiful landscape on a screen) produce the same level of emotions as actual reality (looking at a real landscape in the nature). VR is not yet ready to reproduce touch, taste and smell, but we can use visualize content to retrieve memories from people brains and procure deep emotions triggering action. This is what happens when you cry watching a moving film. If you cannot directly target the 4 others senses of your customers (e.g. if your business is only online), use your visual content to retrieve memories from their brains in order to recreate them in a virtual reality where they imagine listening, smelling and tasting something and receive the same level of satisfaction and emotion as in the real world.
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